Most of his life, Draco has enjoyed cashing in on his powerful family name. The best tutors and teachers and supplies were always at his fingertips. But recetly he’s begun to branch out. Now he wants to be defined as more than a Malfoy and go even beyond his father’s legacy. To do something that would put him down as the best of the best. When he first started mingling with non-magical people, he was confused by how detailed and bogged down their lives were, but soon learned that they were as good as anyone. Except maybe they stared a bit too much and asked some really ridiculous questions. Other than that, though, they didn’t seem like much to bother with.

His parents were pleased when he got accepted to Hogwarts University, their alma mater, and thrust on him their wishes for his future. Draco put his foot down and told them what he was going to study. It took a bit of work until his father came around to the idea that his son wanted to do something other than politics, but he’s proud of Draco, in his own way. Especially now that he seems very serious about his studies and making good impressions.

Draco Malfoy | 18 | Charms and Enchanting Major, minor in Defensive Magic | Sexuality Up To Player | Open | FC: Tom Felton

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