Nothing about Pansy Parkinson is small time, from her family name to her ambitions to her personality. There may have been a time, way back when, that she had gone a little boy crazy (including a time with a frankly embarrassingly adamant crush on Draco Malfoy), and her desires had been centered around finding the perfect man and riding off into the sunset. That way had led to a series of heartbreaks and frustrations, and eventually Pansy decided that she’d rather find her own damn success, thank you very much. Maybe some girls could be happy like that, but she knew she was probably going to be smarter and more sly than anyone she married, and there was no way she’d be able to just watch them do something she could do better. So she buckled down and started to focus on her studies more, and now it’s paid off with an acceptance to Hogwarts University.

That’s not to say those years were wasted, though. These days, Pansy is a devastating flirt with a sharp tongue, and she was a habit of being able to manipulate interested parties into doing what she wants from them. With the best of intentions, obviously. But, with the trail of dating devastation she left behind her, Pansy is aware she’s not really had a lot of friends. Real ones, anyway, rather than people she only gossiped with. She was friendly with a few people, but that’s not really the same thing. So maybe she can do something about that now that she’s at Hogwarts. And if not… Well, who needs them, anyway?

Pansy Parkinson | 18 | Study of Ancient Runes Major | Sexuality Up To Player | Taken | FC: Anna Kendrick

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