Theodore has always succeeded at anything he’s found worth his time.  Otherwise, he couldn’t give it a second glance.  He’s worked hard to excel intellectually because as a child he was always sickly and small for his size, which sometimes led to him being bothered by others.  He fought back, however, with sharp words and boisterous, sometimes filthy comments. 
While his family’s blood status is on par with that of the Malfoy family, Theodore has long since gotten bored of politics.  Most of his free time he spends indulging Muggle and Wizarding vices.  He loves to party, drink, and experiment with drugs and sex, which has led to a rather interesting compilation of tattoos.
Now that he’s at university, Theodore sees it as a chance to live in both worlds of fun and seriousness.  He plans on devoting his weeks to his craft and his weekends to himself.  So come what may.

Theodore Nott | 18 | Potions Major | Open | Sexuality Decided by Player | FC: Robert Sheehan

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